I would not hesitate to recommend MMI to other associations because I have found that I can totally trust their advice and guidance. I also believe that they have an overview that works for both owners and board members.

Before working with MMI I was looking for a company that was knowledgeable about current governing laws, a firm that demonstrated good communication and people skills, a manager that could budget and negotiate realistically, and a project manager who would implement projects in a timely manner with reliable vendors.

The MMI management and staff excel in those areas (above) and bring a familiarity with current technology that enhances our board’s accessibility to information and communication.

The personal impact for me has been the education and research offered by MMI regarding board issues and the iPad access to past and current association data. Our manager has become a good friend who is willing and able to help solve our problems. MMI is an extraordinary resource and we are so lucky to work with a company that helps our board function smoothly. Simply, they know what to do and how to do it!

- Sue Rye, Board Secretary

MMI exemplifies integrity at its best. They are extremely knowledgeable in their field. The events and training symposiums that they sponsor are also done with class.

They strive constantly to update communication avenues and techniques. Their staff is courteous and helpful.

I am truly grateful to have the McClure Management team steering us forward.

- Mary Ann Pritchitt, Board Secretary

As a sitting HOA board member of the Beachwalk Condominiums in Encinitas, CA it was my distinct pleasure to have been involved in the hiring of Mr. McClure as our property manager, and years later continues to be a pleasure and a privilege to interact with a company of MMI’s caliber.

MMI's knowledge of construction as it relates to property maintenance is extremely valuable. They are consistently able to inform and assist the board in areas ranging from roofing to plumbing to landscaping. This has enabled our association to save a substantial sum of money over the years, and to make the most cost effective decisions when a repair or replacement is required.

Credentials and construction knowledge, valuable as they are, are available to all those willing to discipline and apply themselves. What truly sets MMI apart from their peers is their unparalleled interpersonal skills. Consistently the MMI team brings a professional, rational, educated, and calm approach to every situation they encounter. MMI represents our association to property owners, renters, board members, vendors, and strangers in a manner that reflects very positively on our community.

- Eric Schaller, Board Member

It remains refreshing to know MMI is there to help enable our Board with the information and professionalism to guide our community into tomorrow rather than just surviving today. MMI effectively and expeditiously tackles our various needs including vendor management, association compliance, common area component maintenance and replacement. This approach helps us as a Board to address our fiduciary duty.

Going above and beyond the typical management experience is truly MMI’s culture of care. MMI’s proactive approach has strategically helped us reduce our plumbing leaks, lowered our delinquency rate by allowing fee-free online payments of association assessments, true real-time web interaction with our membership and, for the first time since the association’s inception, our reserves have been built up to a level where we will be able to address and remedy our large common area components such as the replacement of our asphalt streets. No other management company that we have had in the past has allowed us to accomplish all this, other than MMI.

With all the demands of our community, MMI- McClure Management and staff recognize they are in a service based industry. Their management style is one that complements the theme of “service” to our community and all with whom they interact. MMI is a management firm that stands above the rest. They are our trusted management professionals and we would highly recommend MMI as your next trusted management solution.

- Verano La Jolla, Board of Directors

It is rare to find management firm who is always willing to assist and go out of the way not only for Board Members but owners as well. Our manager has a great sense of humor and is always courteous to owners even though their own behavior may not be pleasant at times. ,b>Management and customer service always takes the time to stop, listen and reply to questions. Telephone calls and e-mails are returned within a reasonable time frame. Should there be something that they are is unsure of, they will not hesitate and say, “I’m not sure, let me research that” before replying.

MMI is always watching our purse strings and thanks to their guidance our finances are in excellent shape. Management maintains a good balance between taking direction from the Board and yet taking charge when needed. Their knowledge of the laws, rules and regulations that govern owners' associations, managerial and financial skills, knowledge of plants and trees plus eye for detail, has made Renaissance La Jolla a much better community.

MMI's professionalism, expertise and knowledge regarding the practices and procedures of the Common Interest Development Industry, makes MMI and our manager an asset to our Board, the community and me.

My position as Board President is much easier and dare I say - almost fun - because of MMI. It is my distinct privilege to work very closely with MMI.

- William Beck, Board President